LOGO JEVUSKAJEVUSKA was founded by Rachmanuddin Chair Yahya in early 2007. This website presents a wide range of articles such as medical articles, news about blogging and social media, blogging tutorials on WordPress and Blogger (Blogspot), as well as the tips and other articles. A collection of articles about the Indonesian language and its able to translated into other languages.

This website generator using WordPress with a free WordPress theme (Twentyfifteen) from WordPress to publish the article on the internet. This site provides the archives, post sitemap , pages and search box to make it easier for users to navigate and find the desired article.

Social media sites such as Google+ page, we used as a means to distribute articles from this site so that the user who join to our social media pages could find the latest update of the articles that we published.

Jevuska.com also available for users who wish to contribute to publish an article here. There is contact’s page to call us if you would like to be an author of our website.