Puisi Putus Cinta : Suck Misery

Puisi berjudul Suck Misery buat para orang-orang yang lagi sakit hati.. Siapa yang tidak pernah sakit hati? apalagi sakit hati karena selingkuh atau ditinggalkan cinta orang kesayangan.

Suck Misery

from here i always sending code
cover up the real situation
just follow a little adventure
lookin for a pieces
under f**kin’ misery life!

hope seeing in the crowded place
seein’ thing that I know can’t be

just to got a better glimpse

i want more than a distinguishtic only
ignore a tear from my sight
black…white…begging u, i want it!

as a pieces that in the past i need
a pieces that i miss
a pieces that miss me

a pieces who possibly now dump me!

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