Back to My Old Life : Alone – Puisi Jomblo

Puisi Jomblo ini judulnya Back to My Old Life : Alone, artinya kembali ke masa bujang alias sendiri, buat yang lagi putus cinta dan ditinggal kekasih. halah.. :P

Back to My Old Life : Alone

When i went to back home
One letter was laying on my desk
Wrote by my little sister
About to finished my old missery
A Promise that i’ve to done

Well..Thats OK!
Only thats words
This is a time to enjoy my life again, I think!

Looking my phone On the table
Trying to leave a message to no active phone
Hmmm..its connected
Little Voice that i miss was listened

No message…?
No phone… ?
Conversation had done

Whats going on babes…?
My head always trying found the answer

Right.. forget it
Pack up to doin my job then
Some stuff was waiting to finished

Night was coming any more…
No phone any more
Only messages

Questions that always around on my head…
Have answered.
The answer that i knew before those message arrive
Break Up!!!

PS: Pleazzzz… No hate here, no revange here.

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  1. hi jevuska, yup aku setuju aborsi sebaiknya di legalkan di…

    hi jevuska, yup aku setuju aborsi sebaiknya di legalkan di indonesia, so resiko kesehatahan paska aborsi berkurang, yup?! btw, kayaknya ada yg lg broken heart ya? hahaha…calm down…semua orang pasti pernah, just let it flow. btw thanks for forward my blog to your friends !

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